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Goodbye Garbage™ Employee Feature – Meet Levi

Levi is our 2nd hire at Goodbye Garbage™.  Levi is a 1st Mate and works on our trucks with a designated Captain.  Levi is a very hard worker; he is always always quick and efficient and gets our clients jobs done in a timely matter.

Levi enjoys loading and operating the different features of our trucks. He also loves seeing all the different places that our city has to offer, that he otherwise wouldn’t have seen. Exercise is really important to Levi, so he doesn’t shy away from the hard work, that is required daily. He said that working for Goodbye Garbage™ gives him a sense of professionalism and accomplishment.  Levi has an awesome side gig as well. In his free time, he takes voice acting lessons, and has even landed a job for a video game in Taiwan! He is an avid gamer himself, and has quite the passion for online gaming world.

We are very lucky to have Levi on our team here at Goodbye Garbage™, his professionalism and work ethic are a great contribution to our crew.  We look forward to seeing Levi grow with Goodbye Garbage™.