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Empowering Differently-Abled Adults With Meaningful Employment.

Goodbye Garbage™ Employee Feature – Meet Levi

Levi is our 2nd hire at Goodbye Garbage™.  Levi is a 1st Mate and works on our trucks with a designated Captain.  Levi is a very hard worker; he is always always quick and efficient and gets our clients jobs done in a timely matter. Read More about Levi

Goodbye Garbage™ Employee Feature – Meet Adam

Adam was one of our first hires at Goodbye Garbage™. We are familiar with Adam from his time at Goodbye Graffiti™, and we know he does not shy away from hard work.  We dedicated ourselves to paying a living wage and began our mutual journey to a flourishing business that walks the walk when it comes to our values.  Read More about Adam

Garbage and Junk Removal Vancouver

We have been stepping over it while saying Goodbye Graffiti™ since 1997 and now it is time to say Goodbye Garbage™.

What we do at Goodbye Garbage™ is pick up garbage for our preferred commercial and residential clients with our industry leading service programs.  All our programs and services are tailored exclusively and uniquely to reduce the amount of garbage created over time and give the commercial customer control of their waste stream. 

We are Canada’s only specialized national commercial trash company and using our proprietary and revolutionary Trash Tracker™ program we trace, manage, set targets and provide detailed reports on customer net waste numbers.  What was trash will be upcycled, recycled, and repurposed through a carefully crafted global network.

What Makes Goodbye Garbage™ Different

1st franchise in North America to mandate differently abled adults are employed in 100% of our service vehicles.


1st garbage collection company to up-cycle and recycle items collected to generate food bank donations in your name across Canada.


1st garbage collection company to track every item and give cash credits for the stuff we get paid for.


1st garbage collection franchise to put the franchisee and their families and employees 1st with every single decision we make.


1st garbage collection franchise which is self financed for qualified individuals - we help you get started because the best people often have no money.

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Garbage and Junk Removal Vancouver

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Garbage and Junk Removal Vancouver

Goodbye Garbage™ is part of the Goodbye Graffiti Group™ of Companies and all customers gain access to discounts on all our CitiSmart services and programs. We have provided 25 years of Award-Winning services using a highly trained team of Graffiti Technicians.  Our Certified Waste Management Technicians or WMTs are equally impressive.