The Goodbye Graffiti™ Group acknowledges our privilege to be founded and developed in Vancouver, the unceded territory of the Coast Salish people. The Goodbye Graffiti™ Group is dedicated to employment diversity with respect to all aspects of employment. All decisions regarding recruitment, hiring, succession planning, compensation, employee development decisions such as training and all other terms and conditions of employment are made without regard to race, religious beliefs, colour, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, physical and psychological disability, age, ancestry or place of origin.

The Goodbye Graffiti™ Group will makes every effort to ensure that it is a representative employer of BIPOC, women, people with disabilities and those with barriers to employment at all levels of our organization from team members to franchisees.  To do this, The Goodbye Graffiti™ Group reaches out to community organizations serving these groups to develop recruitment strategies. The Goodbye Graffiti™ Group will endeavor, where feasible, to eliminate systemic barriers to advancement and/or redress the under-utilization of designated groups. Everyone at The Goodbye Graffiti™ Group has a role to play in supporting our commitment to diversity and employment equity. Each employee, regardless of position, is responsible for applying The Goodbye Graffiti™ Employment Diversity Policy on an ongoing basis. Each employee is expected to treat all other employees with dignity and respect and in a fair and non-discriminatory manner in all employment related dealings. 

For more information on our Diversity policies call 1-833-55-TRASH or email us at info@goodbyegarbagecanada.com.