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Goodbye Garbage™ Employee Feature – Meet Adam

Garbage and Junk Removal Vancouver

Adam was one of our first hires at Goodbye Garbage™. We are familiar with Adam from his time at Goodbye Graffiti™, and we know he does not shy away from hard work.  We dedicated ourselves to paying a living wage and began our mutual journey to a flourishing business that walks the walk when it comes to our values. 

As a 1st Mate, Adam works with a partner on our work trucks with a daily dedication to professional services, keeping a clean and livable community in mind. Adam arrives at work excited for the day and what new experiences may come out of it.

Adam’s bright and warm personality shines through when he talks about his hobbies, like watching his favourite TV shows, playing guitar or hanging out with friends and his girlfriend at home. This positive energy carries over when he talks about work.  

Adam has told his Employment Specialist at posAbilities that Goodbye Garbage™ is special and fun, because he gets to meet and work with lots of positive people. He loves being out in the neighborhood and learning more about his community, and that each job is different with new people. He loves going out in the community with The Captain, a colleague he works with each day. But above all, he told his Employment Specialist that he loves working on a big truck and working with good people. We are honored that Adam thinks so highly of our culture and working with us, and we are also grateful to have him!