About Us

We have been stepping over it while saying Goodbye Graffiti™ since 1997 and now it is time to say Goodbye Garbage™.

What we do at Goodbye Garbage™ is pick up garbage for our preferred commercial and residential clients with our industry leading service programs.  All our programs and services are tailored exclusively and uniquely to reduce the amount of garbage created over time and give the commercial customer control of their waste stream.  We are Canada’s only specialized national commercial trash company and using our proprietary and revolutionary Trash Tracker™ program we trace, manage, set targets and provide detailed reports on customer net waste numbers.  What was trash will be upcycled, recycled, and repurposed through a carefully crafted global network.

We sell Ever-Clean programs, national programs and custom professional grade services.  We are the only specialized commercial waste management franchise opportunity available nationally.  Goodbye Garbage™ is part of the Goodbye Graffiti™ Group of Companies and customers have access to discounts on all our CitiSmart™ services and programs including garbage removal, graffiti removal, needle collection, sanitization programs and comprehensive reporting. We have provided 25 years of award-winning services using a highly trained team of Graffiti Technicians.  Our Certified Waste Management technicians or WMTs, the core of Goodbye Garbage™, are equally impressive. 

For more information call 1-833-55-TRASH or email us at info@goodbyegarbagecanada.com.